Pianist Multi-Instrumentalist • Writer • Producer

Jakub Zapotoczny is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer. Proficient on piano, bass and guitar, he is comfortable performing and writing in a variety of styles and genres. He has performed and recorded with Juno award-winning producer Joseph Donovan (The Dears, Sam Roberts), Matt DeMatteo (Big Wreck, Ashley MacIsaac), Sergio Galli (Platinum Blonde), and Remigio Pereira (The Tenors), to name a few.
He is currently touring with Madison Violet.

POWER TREE OH - Polish Hat

Wojtek Justyna - Guitar

Caleb Moroz - Drums

Jakub Zapotoczny - Keys

Recorded live @ The Warehouse

LUCCA MAE - The Real Thing

Lucca Mae - Guitar / Vocals

Jenna Rovinelli - Drums

Adam Webster - Bass

Jakub Zapotoczny - Organ

Recorded live @ Villa Sound

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